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Paradise with views.

Pacific Palisades? Is not that the place where some great German writers during the Nazi period, found refuge? Yes, and this may be the reason why still today intellectuals from around the world feel encouraged to visit the famous district of Los Angeles. So, what was attracting in former days emigrants such as Thomas Mann and Lion Feuchtwanger, giving them a second home, nowadays, is yearning point of tourists from around the world: a spectacular natural setting, dominated by the Santa Monica Mountains and the endless expanse of the Pacific. Their meeting here has produced a refreshment unobtrusive lifestyle, which is characterized not only by most diverse sports activities, but also by well-known objects of modern architecture and two magnificent golf resorts. In the midst of this paradise: the Temescal apartment-studio, which is named after the nearest beach area and can accommodate up to five people.

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Big name, small fortune: Pacific Palisades has got only 27,000 inhabitants and is bordered by Brentwood, Malibu, Santa Monica and the Santa Monica Mountains. For such addresses there is a befitting arrival, of course per aeroplane. too:  Your vacation home is accessible via the 13 miles away from LA airport, the nearest station (16 miles) or an exit, 9 miles away.

And apart from that, a Pacific Palisades holiday doesn't make you miss anything: Shopping has focused largely on Sunset Boulevard, where several good restaurants are located. The fascinating wildlife of the Santa Monica Mountains allows encounters with mountain lions, lynx and deer. The selection of sporting activities ranging from long walks in magnificent natural to rock-climbing, mountain biking and downhill skiing at Mount Baldy in the San Gabriel Mountains (arrival: 21 miles).

Contemplation is possible at the Mount Baldy Zen Center, founded in 1971 - at 2,000 meters altitude. Even Leonard Cohen came in earlier years and over again to meditate here. He knew why.


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The situation:  Pacific Palisades, CA, USA

The view: sea and Brentwood

The capacity: for up to 5 persons