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The Servant of the Prelate.

The narrow county road seems very well to know the beauties along its path. Sedate it winds through the vineyards of the southern Palatinate, as if she wanted to really do not, but rather dwell on the sand stone and half-timbered houses, courtyards with fig and wisteria, and in the meadows, where  the white apple is growing. Impressions that have sprung up around the dream home such as vines. Hans-Christian, by profession a physician, has fallen into this dream about the south years ago and, today, he rents it as a holiday home. He told us how he found his trouvaille and why he had once toyed with the idea to live here forever.

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There is a famous story that is familiar to every wine connoisseur, but actually it plays in Italy. Nevertheless, this story got very significant to your holiday home. How did that happen?

You play on the legend of the prelate's servant who travelled around Italy to find the best vineyards for his master. Wherever he made his choice he marked with a Latin "est" got (for "it is [here]"), but having tasted the white wine of Montefiastone it came into raptures. Exactly this story had been the inspiration in the search for our cottage. It happened like this: At that time we were looking very specifically a vacation home in the southern Palatinate. Because we live in northern Germany, from afar the whole thing proved a little bit difficult. That was why a good friend here from the Palatinate offered to us to assist in the search. He diligently collected addresses and then gave them to us by post. In order to facilitate our orientation, he knew his statements, each with an "Est" recommendation:   "Est! Est! Est!" he had written next to one address only: the current of our holiday home.

More than once you were thinking to settle in your vacation home forever. Was that serious?

Yes, I would have imagined actually. I had it done to the wine. And almost, I would have became a winery. Because the house belongs to a residential area, the use of permanent residence would have been possible - and so the community would have turned a blind eye. But then I realized that I really should share that dream with others. I'm just too happy to host.

Apart from the spectacular views: What can make your guests look forward to?

To a house that has everything: natural stone floors with underfloor heating, fine woods, a mix of ancient and modern, quality furniture, Jacuzzi on a small outdoor swimming pool - and plenty of space for up to six people. Not to forget the wine farms, festivals and restaurant culture in this beautiful land. A pleasure ...


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The location: Southern Palatinate near Edenkoben, Rheinland-Pfalz, GERMANY     

The view: panorama of vineyards

The size: not specified