1,550 meters of enjoyment.

"The simple things are the best," say those who prefer to say not too much. Why, when beauty does not need many words? Swiss are known for their disarming restraint they show whenever they like to pay tribute to anything. Such as the owner of this chalet does. The look that can be enjoyed from here on the mountains of the Upper Engadine, he calls with typical Swiss understatement, "handsome" - though "breathtaking" is actually understated yet. "d'Uussicht gnüsse", this is, after all, what the lucky holiday guests may look forward to. Because here in the sunny part of the Grisons people are looking at the mountains, not at the price. Enviable - those Swiss!

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Dream or reality: Do you have sometimes to pinch yourself, in order to understand this wonderful place as a part of reality, don't you?

That's right. We purchased the Chalet just a few months ago and since then we have renovated it completely. So, our holiday guests may therefore look forward to the enjoyment of a completely new holiday home. Five rooms, many extras, the floors are covered with green Graubünden Andeergranit. Just as you wish, you can heat by the stove or a solar heating system with heating support. This is something special, finally Graubünden is considered the sun but not as a solar canton. The promotion is unfortunately still rather weak.

Your chalet has an unusually modern blank ...

That is right. Typically, here in the Alps, the chalet is indeed for a rural house type that is traditionally made of wood. Our chalet has only a wooden casing. Significant parts of the wall don't have any wood. From the style of an Alpine chalet, which is indeed a chalet in the traditional sense, our house has clearly removed. But it is precisely this mix of tradition and modernity that meets exactly our taste - and hopefully our guests', too.

At what altitude you live here?

The chalet is located at 1,550 meters near the Lake Silvaplana. Supermarket, bakery and a restaurant are less than two miles, the nearest neighbor is about a mile away. Only to the nearest doctor it is a little further. By the way: The ski lift is less than 500 meters from here. Winter sports enthusiasts should be thrilled.


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The situation: Upper Engadine, Canton of Graubünden, SWITZERLAND

The view: Piz Corvatsch (3,303 meters)

The size: 135 sqm.

The capacity: up to 8 persons