Box seat with (a) fantastic view(s).

You do love switchbacks promising in every curve a rising anticipation for a great panoramic view? Welcome to Vinglatouri on the east coast of Corfu! Here, some 200 meters above the resort of Nissaki with its picturesque taverns, you are expected by whatever you can wish for a "vacation with a view to the sea": The pool villa "Villa Beautiful View" is the ideal vantage point for a carefree holiday to dream, to enjoy and explore.

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As for the design of the "Villa Beautiful View" the planners of the were guided by a very pleasant idea: The future residents should also use their holiday to find out their very own favorite places. Because that is not so much easy  - in the villa and on the two levels around. There is for example the fireplace in the spacious living room. Or the large, sheltered balcony with spectacular views. Or one of the secluded places in the garden. Even when choosing your preferred sleeping place, there are alternatives:The villa has no fewer than three bedrooms - one with even with a bathroom of its own. Another tip: Rent a car and take a ride to the island capital of Kerkyra - an architectural jewel among Greek cities. Or just visit the western coast on the opposite side of the island. There, take a visit to the mountain village Lakones that, for good reason, has got the epithet "Balcony of the Ionian Sea". Order at Café Dolce homemade ice cream and savour the great view with lounge music.



Pool villa "Villa Beautiful View", Vinglatouri, Corfu

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The location: Vinglatouri, Corfu, GREECE

The view: Over the entire coast as far over to the Greek and Albanian mainland

The size: 200 sqm

Capacities: up to 7 people

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